Simulation software to improve any business process

For over 20 years, SIMUL8's flexible simulation software has enabled leading organizations across a diverse range of industries to rapidly improve processes, increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Learn more about SIMUL8 and explore our customer case studies and resources by industry.

Improve your organization's processes using SIMUL8

Our powerful and flexible simulation software is used to improve processes across a wide range of industries.



Build a business case for healthcare process change, reduce costs and improve patient care.

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Identify, test and implement process improvements to maximize efficiency and profitability.

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Design, launch, and optimize automotive production programs and facilities, faster than ever.

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Call Centers

Call centers

Test process changes to improve call flow, customer satisfaction, staff utilization and profitability.

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Pharma and medtech

Pharmaceutical and medical devices

Improve efficiency and healthcare payer buy-in.

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Supply Chain & Logistics

Supply chain & logistics

Identify and eliminate supply chain inefficiencies.

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Business process management

Plan, analyze and improve any business process.

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Public Sector

Public sector & justice

Understand the long-term impact of process and policy changes.

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"I would recommend SIMUL8 because it is quick to learn and powerful to use.

It can save you from making costly assumptions, as well as reducing the risk of buying new equipment without knowing the outcome of that purchase."

Ben Van Straten, Industrial Engineer, Plexus Corp.

What common business challenges can SIMUL8 help you solve?

Assess ROI

Assess return on investment

Assess the validity of capital investment projects before investing time and money.

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Business cases

Build engaging business cases

Strengthen business cases through a visual, collaborative and evidence-based approach.

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Design new processes

Design new processes or facilities

Plan and validate new processes to ensure they will be fit for purpose.

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Remove bottlenecks

Find and remove bottlenecks

Get to the root cause of bottlenecks and experiment with changes to resolve them.

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Learn more about simulation and SIMUL8's features

Our simulation software offers a powerful approach for evaluating changes to your organization's processes before investment, providing reliable evidence to help you make informed decisions.

Customer success case studies

Organizations worldwide use the power of SIMUL8 to improve their processes, increase efficiency and reduce costs.


Fiat Chrysler improved manufacturing throughput by 39 units and increased revenue by $1,000,000 per day at its Brampton plant.

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Memorial Health System

Memorial Health System improved patient waiting times and ensured the feasibility of a $31 million operating room expansion.

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Virginia DMV

Virginia DMV identified a staffing model to reduce customer waiting times to 20 minutes or less across 74 customer service centres statewide.

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