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Tutor Resources

Below are some resources that we think will be great for helping you set assignments and helping teach your students all about simulation.

Beginners' Tutorial

Follow our beginners' tutorial and learn how to build a basic simulation in SIMUL8.

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SIMUL8 Videos

Step through SIMUL8's features for an up-close look at simulation and SIMUL8's capabilities.

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Educational FAQs

Answers to the most common questions about SIMUL8 for education.

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Why Simulation?

A uniquely powerful approach to decision making

Simulation is a powerful technique that allows you to make bold, confident decisions because it gives you the evidence to be sure you are making the right choice.

How? You draw your process, just like you'd draw a flowchart. Add timing information about when work arrives and how long staff take to process it. Run the simulation to visualize your process while onscreen results like waiting times let you measure how your process will perform in the real world.

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SIMUL8 Academy Online Training

Our self-paced e-learning is perfect if you want to learn as you build your simulation. Created by our expert consultants this online training course covers all the topics that you need to get started.

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