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"My experience with Simul8 has been excellent. The customer support that we have received over the years is exemplary!"

Navonil M, Professor in Analytics & Operations Management

"I believe more organisations should be using Simul8. Students taught loved it, enjoyed the classes and spoke of trying to introduce current and future employers to Simul8."

Alastair P, College Lecturer

"When I think of making decisions, I think of Simul8, a powerful tool for making decisions based on simulation."

Ebert B, Full Professor

"Best customer and technical support in industry. Simul8 is a company that makes each user valued and for this reason is always ready to help you with any questions you might have. If I could give it 10 marks, I would."

Alicia M, Course Leader

"Simple to use yet powerful tool. Plenty of options for customisation, yet you can develop an initial model very quickly. Flexible tool that can model most kinds of systems from services to product systems."

Athanasios R, Assistant Professor

"Great software for teaching simulations! The fact that students can build simulations without coding is really helpful, and the graphics help the concepts become really clear to students."

Abby C, Lecturer

"The representatives we have dealt with from Simul8 have been fantastic assets. They have been so so helpful supporting both staff and students in our use of the software."

Vicky H, Teaching Associate

"Simul8 is a highly useful product that can adapt to a variety of users and applications, from undergraduate students that have their first contact with simulation concept and techniques, up to engineers, consultants and staff from any industry that want to design and study real applications."

Paraskevas G, Lab Teaching Staff

"My overall experience is very good, and is important to note that there is a free license for students which is an amazing opportunity."

Bruno S, Engineering Student

"Easy to use software that allows you to create simulations with precision, flexibility and speed."

Eyamir U, University Professor

"I started using Simul8 as part of the dissertation project. The software is user-friendly as we could quickly build a simulation model from the conceptual model."

Sachin S, MSc Student

"I can get a class of 30 people from a zero knowledge base, to build, test and run a basic simulation in under 40 minutes!"

Ed B, Instructor, Consultant & Trainer

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