Ph.D. Research Sponsorship

SIMUL8 Corporation sponsors Ph.D. Research work that is of direct relevance to our research and development needs.

SIMUL8 Corporation fund all Ph.D. costs including enrollment and tuition fees and living expenses. Students can apply for funding under this scheme at any time. There is no schedule or deadline. Once we have your application we will tell you when it will be considered, this will depend on current demand.

We do not place any restriction on what students can publish in academic publications from research in conjunction with SIMUL8 Corporation. We actively encourage such publication because it is beneficial for the simulation community. However, we reserve the right to restrict, at the time of actual data collection, sensitive content or the outcomes of specific meetings.

Students accepted to the program must agree that research conducted in conjunction with SIMUL8 Corporation, may be used by SIMUL8 Corporation in any way including for commercial purposes. SIMUL8 Corporation will always endeavor to acknowledge student's work, for example by reference to the original publication, but cannot guarantee to do so.

If SIMUL8 Corporation sponsor your research, we offer many additional resources, including access to our development and research team, who work with our research students to help in any way they can.

To apply for this funding you need to:

  1. Have made a decision on a research topic.
  2. Have a College and Ph.D. Supervisor interested in hosting the research.
  3. Agree to publish the results of your research in conjunction with your academic supervisor, even if you do not complete your Ph.D.
  4. Have investigated joint-funding opportunities (These schemes are given higher priority).
  5. Have a significant understanding of simulation (from a first or post graduate degree in a field such as Operations Research)
  6. Have programming skills (it is unlikely that you can do practical simulation research without this).
  7. Agree that results and ideas from research sponsored by SIMUL8 Corporation may be used by SIMUL8 Corporation in any way.

If you have questions about this scheme please email .

To apply for the sponsorship program complete the application form.