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Download the Simul8 2020 Service Pack

Latest build: 4377

This update includes new features and enhancements for Simul8 2020. This file contains only the parts of the software that are new or have been changed.

If you have any feedback on our latest update we'd love to hear from you.

What's new in Build 4004?

Improvements and fixes

  • We have added two new Visual Logic commands: Resource Requirements to Sheet and Get Resources Required
  • We've made usability improvements for the zoom dialog
  • Fixes surrounding interruptible resources
  • Scheduled Maintenance improvements
  • Button Editor improvements
  • Fixes around pasting data into the Resource Schedule
  • XML saving fixes
  • Improved find functionality
  • Set Resource Travel Time now only works with valid object types
  • Fix for Changeover with Shifts causing incorrect Time Interval Results

What's new in Build 3902?

Feature improvements

Arrival Schedule

Following your feedback, we have implemented some great changes to make it even faster to build custom Arrival Schedules for your process. Included is the option to autofill time intervals (which can be customized to your schedule) and repeat after a day, a week or until the end of the simulation.

Read the updated Help File for Arrival Schedules


We have made changes to how you can access spreadsheets. Clicking the spreadsheet button in the ribbon will now show all spreadsheets and MDAs instead of the main spreadsheet. This greatly enhances the speed of navigating between different sheets in your simulation. We've also added a helpful favorites list to store your most used sheets.

Read the updated Help File to learn more about using spreadsheets

New ways to give your feedback

We love hearing your feedback. To help us continue to add great features to SIMUL8 we have implemented the option to submit feedback to us directly within the software. Your ideas are sent directly to our Product team and will be used to help shape the future of SIMUL8.

Got a feature idea? Submit a suggestion now

Other improvements

  • VL command 'Result to Summary' now checks for Group names
  • Main spreadsheet button on ribbon now shows all spreadsheets/MDAs instead of mainsheet
  • Favourite list for spreadsheet view
  • Auto expand favourite and spreadsheets nodes in spreadsheet only mode
  • Autofill options by interval for Arrival Schedule
  • Support for 1 line or time 0 in Arrival Schedule
  • Support for repeating in Arrival Schedule, including above
  • Add rows in Arrival Schedule auto increments specified interval
  • Additional support for VL commands when in 'headless' running mode of SIMUL8
  • Improved command scripts so that multiple trials started from VL complete before the script exits (if using the QUIT command)
  • VL 'Trial' command now implemented for hidden editions
  • Trial Status progress bar now hidden in hidden editions
  • Increased speed of load of large models
  • Allow use of -1 in Arrival Schedule to control batching out from input batching out dialog
  • Changes to Arrival Schedule are now instant, without need to reset
  • Submit your feature request directly to SIMUL8’s Product Team from the 'Help' tab in the ribbon


  • Copy button from Arrival schedule now includes row title column
  • Delete row in Arrival schedule now clears spreadsheet row
  • Resolved Add Label in Arrival Schedule issue if no Comments column, where Label added to column 2
  • Repeat not working for Arrival schedule if Sim time used
  • Resolved issue with Multi Task Timing and shifts/breakdowns
  • Resolved issue with Multi Task Timing deleting resources
  • Resolved lock up if High Volume queues feed Work Centers using 'Label resources' and 'match Labels'
  • Resolved error when pasting of copied VL line into the 'holding line' under and IF statement
  • Resolved issue in Resource Priority Matrix feature where Work Items could be forced into the wrong Activity if a Queue feeding the correct Activity feeds > 1 Activity
  • Updated help file location Arrival Schedule
  • Stop duplicate Arrival Schedules being created if check and uncheck schedule on input
  • Fixes to grid in Arrival Schedule when using clear sheet

What's new in Build 3880?


Over 30 experience enhancements and fixes including:

  • Table UI improvements – column width/row height can be set manually
  • Improved Segregated Results reporting where simulation has multiple end points
  • Improved handling of charts in Custom Reports
  • High resolution fixes
    • Tanks and pipes dialog
    • Start Point dialog
  • Fixes to Tabs
  • Color palette fixes
  • Routing In UI improvements
  • Visual Logic command "Create Breakdown Type" no longer creates additional (not desired) Breakdown Type
  • Line thickness fixes
  • Multi-task Timing and Label-based Timing now show in Object Input Summary
  • Improved Warm Up Results and Time Interval Results compatibility
  • Subprocess UI improvements

Simul8 for the web improvements:

  • Speed enhancements
  • File and folder naming improvements
  • Spreadsheet improvements

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