Annual Maintenance and Support

Annual Maintenance ensures that you are always on the most up-to-date, feature-rich version of SIMUL8.

As well as quarterly software updates, you'll receive round-the-clock priority support from our expert simulation team. Annual Maintenance is available with all editions of our software.

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Always be up-to-date with SIMUL8

With Annual Maintenance, you'll receive instant access to the latest feature-packed version of SIMUL8 without having to pay an upgrade fee (a saving of $1,095).

Best of all, this doesn't just apply to major releases. With Annual Maintenance, you'll receive quarterly software updates, providing valuable enhancements to your software throughout the year.

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Have your say in SIMUL8's features

Have your say in SIMUL8’s features

Ensuring that our software's development is user-driven has always been critically important to us. This is why we not only ask our Annual Maintenance users to suggest new SIMUL8 features, but we also have them vote on where these features should be prioritized in our release schedule.

Having our users' input ensures that SIMUL8’s new features and improvements are always focused on giving you more power, control and flexibility to accurately simulate processes in less time.

Get first access to the SIMUL8 Online beta

We're giving our Annual Maintenance users exclusive first access to the SIMUL8 Online beta - the world's first feature-rich tool for building and running simulations entirely on the web.

SIMUL8 Online brings the full power of SIMUL8 to the web - the same feature set, intuitive drag and drop interface and fast results - with no need to install software. Just log in and immediately start building, running and experimenting with simulations.

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Priority support

Priority access to support

We know that building your simulation without delays is crucial and that's why we provide our Annual Maintenance users with priority feature support from our dedicated simulation team.

99% of support tickets are answered within 24 hours so you can get on with achieving results with simulation.

Feature support includes technical advice on:

  • How to use SIMUL8 features and advice on when to use them
  • How SIMUL8 works
  • How to make the most of our free support resources
  • Questions on installation and software requirements
  • Entry level modeling support*

*For project specific simulation modeling advice, we recommend our online 1-2-1 Coaching Service. SIMUL8's dedicated consultants will work closely with you to build your simulation and help you to learn the software at the same time.

Share your simulations with anyone using SIMUL8 Studio

Annual Maintenance users have access to SIMUL8 Studio, our online platform that allows you to upload, view and share simulations across any device, no downloads required.

By sharing simulations with your stakeholders, SIMUL8 Studio will help you to increase project buy-in and facilitate collaborative decision-making.

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How can I get Annual Maintenance?

Annual Maintenance can be purchased with any SIMUL8 software:

Annual Maintenance for
SIMUL8 Basic


per license per year

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Annual Maintenance for
SIMUL8 Professional


per license per year

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Annual Maintenance for
SIMUL8 Professional Plus


with first year of purchase

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