Certified Training Provider Program Requirements

SIMUL8 recognizes and promotes SIMUL8 Certified Trainers as SIMUL8 product and course experts.

Because Certified Trainers play such an important role in the training process, it is important that they have the instructional skills and technical qualifications to deliver the best possible training. For this reason, SIMUL8 continues to evaluate and raise the bar on requirements to obtain SIMUL8 certification.

  • Each employee who will conduct SIMUL8 certified training must attend a SIMUL8 Training course (normal fees apply) - or provide
  • evidence that they have attended one of these courses in the previous 4 months.
  • Each employee who will conduct SIMUL8 certified training must provided evidence of a successfully completed simulation
  • (normally by providing a reference to a happy customer)
  • You must agree to provide SIMUL8 Corporation with all post training evaluation questionnaires for quality monitoring
  • You must agree to provide SIMUL8 Corporation with all contact information for course delegates (this information is used only for
  • verification and is destroyed once verification is complete, it does not enter SIMUL8 Corporation customer databases)
  • Sign and return the "Certified SIMUL8 Training Provider" agreement that includes agreement to stop using SIMUL8 Corporation
  • materials, logos and the "Certified SIMUL8 Training Provider" statement should SIMUL8 Corporation judge that, at any time, quality standard are not maintained.
  • Pay the certification fees. SIMUL8 Corporation charges a fee to cover costs of administering the program. There is a per delegate
  • fee of $149 that includes training materials for each delegate and a set up fee of $3000 that covers the cost of the initial quality check (see next item). The $149 per delegate fee is reduced to $49 where the Training Provider independently develops their own quality training materials that are designed for their own vertical markets.

Within two months of starting to use the logo, conduct a SIMUL8 Training course with a currently Certified SIMUL8 Training Provider and satisfy them on the following:

  • General organizational quality
  • Presentational quality
  • Knowledge of training material
  • Knowledge of SIMUL8
  • Quality of handling questioning
  • Ability to elicit information from delegates to help structure their simulations
  • Professionalism

This initial quality check is designed to help you get started. A form is completed by the existing Certified Training Provider and this is forwarded to SIMUL8 Corporation for quality verification purposes.

To get started email ctp_join@SIMUL8.com