Reseller Program Agreement

This SIMUL8 Corporation Reseller Program Agreement contains the complete terms and conditions that apply to an individual's or entity's participation in the SIMUL8 Corporation Reseller Program.

  • All SIMUL8 products I purchase as a SIMUL8 Reseller will be for use outside my company.
  • SIMUL8 Corporation may end this reseller relationship at any time without notice.
  • SIMUL8 Corporation agrees to pay a 10% Reseller Margin on all reseller software sales. For VAR's SIMUL8 Corporation agrees
  • to pay the following reseller margins of all software sales:


    On your first $9500 sales*


    On all sales between $9500 - $20,000*


    On sales after your first $20,000 provided your sales are $10,000* or above every 6 months

    * Revenue to SIMUL8 Corporation after applying your discount (not retail prices).

  • You may ask for help from our enterprise selling team in selling large (>$100K) SIMUL8 contracts. If our enterprise sales team
  • agree to help and the customer decides to order direct from SIMUL8 Corporation rather than through the reseller, SIMUL8 Corporation agrees to pay the reseller commission to the same level they would have obtained through a reseller order.
  • You will not solicit, or endeavor to solicit, in any way the services of, or, without our prior written consent, offer to employ or engage
  • any employee of ours or within twelve months of his / her ceasing to be so engaged. This clause will not prevent you from advertising for staff in the national, local or industry press.