10 Reasons to talk to us about simulation for your BPM suite

Gartner highlight the need for businesses to use real-time simulations to support each individual business action. With the ability to 'predict the future outcomes' of business actions, SIMUL8 simulation software is the 'key to unlocking significant business improvements'.

1. SIMUL8 software was designed for simulating business processes.
Simulation was invented in the 1960's in the manufacturing sector and simulation software products were originally designed to match the requirements of manufacturers. SIMUL8 was launched in 1994, it was designed from the ground up to match the needs of simulating business processes. It is structured around the flow of transactional work through processes.

2. Long term company focus
SIMUL8 Corporation has focused on working in BPM and our engineers have both the technical and methodological experience to know what your BPM customers need from simulation. They can help you deliver a simulation tool that delivers immediate value to your customers.

3. Standard
SIMUL8 has industry standard interfaces like XML, SOAP and COM. It can be quickly linked into your suite of products to make time to market very short (just days in the case of some BPM vendors).

4. BPM Vendor experience
SIMUL8 Corporation has already partnered with a number of other BPM vendors. Our engineers know the issues related to BPM and Workflow products. They know the data you store (and don't store) and already have methods for seamless integrating simulation into your type of product.

5. Branding
SIMUL8's software has features to allow fast rebranding to your own product name (if required). We can also change the "look and feel" to quick match yours. Your own product terminology is also easy to include (what do you call an "activity"?).

6. Support for BAM dashboarding
SIMUL8 has been used to display ongoing visual maps of current transactions and also to accelerate these maps forward in time to provide real time prediction.

7. Pricing
Single user SIMUL8 pricing is compatible with typical BPM designer licensing, but we also have a flexible and innovative pricing system for OEMs

8. Localization
SIMUL8 is easy to localize (including into double byte character sets)

9. Round-tripping data.
SIMUL8 was the first simulation product (in 2000) to use XML to use only one file to store both BPM and simulation data without data loss in two independent software products. We are still the only simulation company to do this. It means your users can work in either your product, or SIMUL8, on the same data-sets without loss of data and without any thinking about imports and exports.

10. Consulting
We don't compete with you. SIMUL8 has a very large network of SIMUL8 Certified Solution Providers available to consult in SIMUL8 and similar OEM technologies. SIMUL8 Corporation provides integration consulting for development level tasks and high level consulting to help you with simulation strategy – but we don't compete with you for main stream simulation consulting. This means that you can profit from both product sales and the additional consulting revenue that comes from the simulation needs of your customers.

SIMUL8 uses proven and renowned simulation technology to quickly provide your product/customers with simulation designed for BPM.