Build Number

SIMUL8 Release/Version numbers look like this: AAA.BBB.CCC.BUILDNUMBER
Where AAA is the version number, BBB and CCC are currently unused and BUILDNUMBER is a continuously increasing number incremented for every changed SIMUL8 issued. For example indicates SIMUL8 Release 12.0 build number 93.

Find your build number in SIMUL8 by selecting HELP/ABOUT from the main menu in SIMUL8 then,

If you have Version 6 or higher:

Double Click where it says "Version".

If you have Version 5:

Double Click where it says "Version". Your Build number should appear in the format described above, if nothing happens your build number is 651

If you have Version 4:

Point the mouse at "Version" and wait, the build number will pop up.

Email for help.

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