SIMUL8 Live Online Coaching

Our real-time, online learning sessions provide you with direct access to our experienced simulation consultants to enhance your simulation project and transfer skills.

You decide what to cover in each online session, ensuring you get the exact support you need.

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Benefits of online coaching

  • Ask our experts

    You can decide what you want to cover in each session. We can also review your simulation and give you hints and tips on how to make improvements.

  • Learn SIMUL8 quickly

    With access to simulation consultants who use SIMUL8 every day, working with blue chip clients throughout the world, you'll get up to speed with SIMUL8 quickly.

  • Gain simulation skills

    Online coaching enables you to get the most from SIMUL8, with the knowledge and skills learned using the service being applicable to your future projects.

Tom Stephenson

"SIMUL8's online coaching service is all about providing you with customized support for your needs. Our experienced consultants will work closely with you to provide direct support as you build simulation projects.

Whether you need help to model processes, improve the efficiency of your simulation, or utilize SIMUL8's wide range of features, online coaching will enable you to rapidly get up to speed while working towards completing your simulation project."

Kristyna Lacinova, Consultant, SIMUL8 Corporation


"The instructor helped to demystify SIMUL8's capabilities for us and clearly demonstrated how we can leverage SIMUL8 in our process improvement initiatives.

They were obviously very knowledgeable and experienced with the tool and its real-world applications. One team member commented that watching the instructor drive SIMUL8 was like watching a magician at work, making even the complicated look simple."

Project Manager, Woodmen of the World Life Insurance Society

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