SIMUL8 Live Lessons Online

Get started faster with SIMUL8 Live Lessons. These are live online training sessions with a professional SIMUL8 Consultant last for two hours each day for three days.

By the end of three days of training, you will be able to model a sample system by yourself, and have a good understanding of the fundamental features of SIMUL8 software.

What to expect:

  • Six hours of Training, split over three consecutive days
  • The chance to ask questions, and define the content of the training
  • Hands on training, with exercises each day
  • The use of a full SIMUL8 Professional license for 2 weeks
  • Introduction to some of the latest SIMUL8 2013 features

What's covered:

  • Session one: Running a model, the basic SIMUL8 building blocks, How to get results, Setting up a warmup period
  • Session two: Importing a layout, routing rules, finding bottlenecks
  • Session three: Batching rules, labels in SIMUL8, probability profiles
  • Session four: Visual Logic programming, how to use resources and shift patterns, importing data from Excel
  • Session five: Topics as defined by attendees

Cost: Includes six hours of training, a 2 week SIMUL8 Professional license, and support by the instructor while using the license.

N.B. The training is delivered at 1pm Eastern US Time.

For further information, or to register for this or any other service please call 1-800-547-6024 (US) or email us at

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December 2013

3 - 5

1pm - 3pm EST

SIMUL8 Live Lessons