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Download the Simul8 2019 Service Pack

Latest build: 4086

This update includes new features and enhancements for Simul8 2019. This file contains only the parts of the software that are new or have been changed.

If you have any feedback on our latest update we'd love to hear from you.

What's new in Build 3896?


  • Table UI improvements – column width/row height can be set manually
  • Improved Segregated Results reporting where simulation has multiple end points
  • Improved handling of charts in Custom Reports
  • High resolution fixes
    • Tanks and pipes dialog
    • Start Point dialog
  • Fixes to Tabs
  • Color palette fixes
  • Routing In UI improvements
  • Visual Logic command "Create Breakdown Type" no longer creates additional (not desired) Breakdown Type
  • Line thickness fixes
  • Multi-task Timing and Label-based Timing now show in Object Input Summary
  • Improved Warm Up Results and Time Interval Results compatibility
  • Subprocess UI improvements
  • Fixes to Multi-Task Timing when using Resources
  • Efficiency and speed improvements
  • Simul8 Command Script (.SC8) improvements
  • Improvements to invalid XML (.XS8) file handling

What's new in Build 3788?

New features

Database Connections

You can now import and export data from/to databases via ODBC without the need to use Visual Logic. This powerful new feature makes it faster and easier to link your simulation to your organization's data sources.

Read the Help File to learn how to set up database connections

Data imports using onscreen buttons

You can now import data via Excel Connections or Databases using an onscreen button. This feature makes the creation of user interfaces for simulations faster and helps simplify how data can be updated within your simulation.

Read the Help File to learn more about this feature

Other improvements

Central Label Editor improvements

  • Erase Action Button has been added
  • Added in Change Over Button to the dialog when you choose an Activity

Read the Help File to learn more about this feature

Resource Pool improvements

  • Now accessible from the Resource Properties tab
  • You can create Resource Pools by selecting the resources you want to pool, right clicking, and selecting Pool Resource.

Read the Help File to learn more about this feature


  • High resolution fixes
    • Route Out by Condition dialog
    • High Analytics Panel
    • Work Item Tracking
  • Fixes to Tabs
  • Fixes to Scheduled Maintenance
  • Timing by Label Dialog Fixes

What's new in Build 3719?

New feature

Distribution Viewer

The Distribution Viewer feature enables our users to easily visualize the variability of a 'Named Distribution' before applying it in their simulation. The Distribution Viewer gives users additional insight into the range of values expected to be sampled from the distribution. Not only will this new feature help our users with the validation of their simulations, but it will also improve the visibility of how data is being applied in the simulation for stakeholders.

Read the Help File to learn more about this feature


Added Distribution Detail to Central Label Editor

When a Label action has been assigned to 'Set To', 'Add to' or 'Mult by' the details of the distribution that is being used will now be displayed in the Central Label Editor. This extends what the current Central Label Editor offers by showing how the Label values are being changed. This functionality has also been added to the user created distribution list and will show the distribution details beside the distribution name.

User interface changes to Probability Profiles

We have improved the way users can interact with Probability Profiles. New colors have been used to improve the interface, making it clearer to see the column has been selected. The raw data can now be copied from a Probability Profile and all columns can now be locked or unlocked at the same time.

Visual flag when results are added to Results Manager

Object results that have been added to the Results Manager will now display as bold in the Object Results dialog. This makes it much easier for our users to see if a result has been added to the Results Manager or not.


  • Distributions of the same name can no longer be created
  • Probability Profiles will now correctly auto-adjust when some columns are locked
  • Combined distributions can now be used with Time Dependent Distributions
  • Fixes running the Scenario Manager using a spreadsheet before the spreadsheet has been created

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