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Download the Simul8 2018 Service Pack

Latest build: 3652

This update includes new features and enhancements for Simul8 2018. This file contains only the parts of the software that are new or have been changed.

If you have any feedback on our latest update we'd love to hear from you.

What's new in Build 3652?

New features

Pick and Place by Condition

As voted for by our Annual Maintenance users, our new Pick and Place by Condition feature enhances the power and usability of our current Pick and Place feature. Pick and Place by Condition gives our users more control over the process when work items are within the Simul8 Conveyor object. Routing In is made simple with conditional logic options and allows users to simulate complex systems without using multiple conveyors.

Read the Help File to learn how to use this feature

Batch by Condition

As well as adding Pick and Place by Condition, we have also added Batch by Condition, helping users make decisions. This new feature will help, not only to create complex and dynamic conveyor systems, but also for Activity Routing In, across all applications.

Batching by Condition allows for multiple conditions to be set using any:

  • Simulation property
  • Spreadsheet value
  • Simulation object property
  • Mathematical equation
  • Sampled distribution value
  • Work Item label value

Read the Help File to learn more about this feature


Adding even more conveyor functionality, the Shifts feature - available for Resources, Start Points and Activities - is now available on Conveyors. This new feature will allow Conveyors to be turned on and off based on shift patterns and gives users greater control over simulations.

Read the Help File to learn how to use this feature


  • Conveyor Results for all State Percentages as well as Average Current Contents are now available via the Time Interval feature. The Time Interval feature is now compatible with conveyors and will recognize the following results:
    • Average Current Contents
    • Percent of Time Empty
    • Percent of Time Moving
    • Percent of Time Blocked
    • Percent of Time Stopped
    • Percent of Time Off Shift
  • The Off Shift state result is now included in Conveyor Results, helping users understand how long a conveyor spends Off-Shift.
  • The Visual Logic command Copy Chart Data To Spreadsheet can now be used with Custom Charts. This command has been expanded so that the raw data can be exported from all charts, including user-created Customizable Charts.
  • Some user interface changes to help with simulation building with conveyors:
    • Lock Length and Display checkbox moved to Conveyor Properties
    • Fixed Pitch Dog Position dropdown moved to Graphics Dialog
  • All newly added Simul8 2018 features now available for users who save and edit their files as .XS8 files
  • Routing Out By (single) Condition now included in Simul8 Basic, while Routing out by (multiple) Condition remains with Simul8 Professional only.


  • Various conveyor fixes: Fixed Pitch Conveyors fixes, XML fixes, Visual Logic commands and more.
  • Probability Profiles now accept values greater than 100.
  • Colors now copy when copying a Queue
  • Fixes relating to simulation time units
  • Various visual improvements made to help with simulation building

What's new in Build 3617?

New feature

Multi-task Timing

As voted for by our Annual Maintenance users, our new Multi-task Timing feature allows you to control an Activity's process time by defining multiple tasks that occur at that Activity using only one simulation object. Each task can have its own process time, resource and image.

Read the Help File to learn more about this feature

Other improvements

  • Activity Timing by Label now accepts custom distributions
  • Activity Timing by Label now uses the formula editor for inputting distribution parameters
  • Activity Timing by Label now accepts label ranges e.g. 1-10, 1,2,3
  • Activity Timing by Label now displays distribution parameter names
  • Visual data improvements: text color formatting, text alignment and background/outline formatting
  • Label Editor shows Memos
  • VL command Result to Summary now includes Maintenance %
  • Spreadsheet dialogs now allow users to define a range to show


  • Cut/Copy/Paste functionality fixes
  • Textbox formatting and visual data formatting now saves
  • Improved spreadsheet dialogs
  • Resolved crash when using Activity Timing by Label and no Label selected
  • Quick Build now updates timing if previously using Activity Timing by Label
  • Copying data from object charts
  • High resolution fixes: Resource Properties dialog box in SIMUL8 Basic, Properties dialog and Activity Routing Out dialog
  • Fixes to Batching In by work item count
  • Route Out by Sequence now refreshes Route Out list (so removes % if using previously)
  • Timing by Label default values now use Average distribution instead of Fixed
  • Resolved crash when using a comma in Timing By Label Label Values input

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