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Can't Find Visual Basic

This message usually appears for one of these reasons:

You are not running Visual Basic or you have load loaded your Visual Basic project (and pressed the Visual Basic RUN button). (Usually you can fix this immediately and just click the RETRY button).

You have forgotten to set the form's “Link Mode” to “Source”.

Your form's “Link Topic” is not the same as specified in the SIMUL8 Extensions / Visual Basic dialog box.

Your form is not on the screen (it does not actually need to be visible but is does need to be “Loaded” - if it is not your main form have you said “Form.Load” somewhere in your Visual Basic program before the point where SIMUL8 tries to work with it?).

You have made your Visual Basic project into a .EXE and the ????.EXE file is not on the disk (in the place where you told SIMUL8 to look for it).

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