Simul8 Older Versions

Export as Simul8 3.00 and Older

Simul8 3.00 files can be created using a sixteen bit (Window 3.1) edition of Simul8. If you need to create files compatible with these very early Simul8's use Export to Simul8 3.50, then open the file in Simul8 3.50 or Simul8 4.0-4.7 sixteen bit edition (on the Simul8 4 CD), then use Export to reach an early edition.

All files FROM older Simul8s are readable in later Simul8s (i.e. Simul8 Release 7 can read Simul8 Release 1.0 files)

Export as Simul8 5.0, 6.0 or Newer

Just click SAVE

All Simul8's from 5.0 upwards use the same file format. Just click SAVE in any Simul8 and the file can be read in Simul8 5.0 or above. No special export action is required. If a Simul8 feature is used in the file that did not exist in the older Simul8, the older Simul8 will ignore the use of the feature. (If you SAVE using an older edition the information about the new features will be lost from the file).

All Simul8s can read all earlier Simul8 file formats.

If you need to make sure your simulation cannot be opened in a Simul8 that does not support a feature you use. Click File/Simulation Properties/Advanced and set the minimum build number.