Uploading a Simulation

If you have not yet uploaded any simulations, then you will be able to do so directly via your Simul8 Studio homepage by selecting the green upload icon

Upload Simulation - Simul8 Studio

You can also access the Upload functionality by selecting the Upload button at the right side of the navigation bar

Upload Navigation - Simul8 Studio

You will now be prompted to upload a file.

  1. You can first choose the privacy settings for your simulation (you will confirm these before the simulation is published).
  2. Select the green upload icon to access your file browser.
  3. Select the simulation (.S8 file) you wish to upload.
  4. Select Open. Once the file is chosen, the upload will automatically begin.

Note: The simulation will not be published at this point. You will have options to modify the simulation details and privacy settings before publishing.

Upload File Details - Simul8 Studio Choose File to Upload - Simul8 Studio

Enter the Simulation Details

You will now be prompted to enter the simulation details, including its name, description, and visibility.

  1. Enter the name and description of the simulation
  2. Choose whether the simulation is Private, or Shared
  3. Publish the simulation

Simulation Upload Details - Simul8 Studio

Enter the Simulation Share Options

You can share the simulation as soon as it is published by selecting the Shared radio button before selecting the Publish button

  1. Select the Shared radio button
  2. Enter the e-mail address of who you want to share the simulation with
  3. Click the +Add button
  4. You can remove an e-mail from the share list by selecting the X icon next to the listed e-mail

Sharing Options - Simul8 Studio

There are no limits to how many users you share the simulation with

Once published, you will be redirected to your Simul8 Studio homepage, where you will now be able to view your uploaded simulation in your My Simulations section

Publish Simulation - Simul8 Studio

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