Running a Simulation

Once you have uploaded a simulation or a simulation has been shared with you, you are able to run it directly within Simul8 Studio.

  1. Navigate to your Simul8 Studio homepage or My Simulations where you can access your uploaded or shared simulations
  2. Click a simulation’s thumbnail to launch the simulation

Running a Simulation - Simul8 Studio

Run Interface

Once a simulation has been selected, it will load in the Run Interface.

  1. Ribbon Controls
  2. Simulation Window
  3. Simulation Zoom

Run Interface - Simul8 Studio

The Ribbon

The ribbon provides the main controls of running the simulation and viewing results.

The Ribbon - Simul8 Studio

  1. Play Button: Runs the simulation. If the simulation is running, press to pause the simulation
  2. Reset Button: Resets the simulation to time zero
  3. Run Speed Slider: Click and drag the slider to the left to slow down the simulation speed, or move the slider to the right to speed up the simulation
  4. The Clock: Displays the time, day, and week of the current simulation
  5. Run Trial: Initiates a trial of the simulation. You must upgrade Simul8 Studio to get access to this feature
  6. KPIS: Displays all Key Performance Indicators of the simulation. KPIs will automatically display at the end of a simulation run or trial
  7. Reports: Opens custom reports in the simulation
  8. Sheets: Displays the main sheet of the simulation
  9. Save: Saves the current simulation as either a scenario or a new simulation.
  10. Export: Exports the simulation as a .PNG graphic
  11. Full Screen: Displays the navigation bar, ribbon, and simulation window in full screen mode
  12. Reset Zoom: Returns the zoom of the simulation window to 100%. Zooming can be adjusted by the zoom slider at the bottom right of the Simul8 Studio browser, or by scrolling the middle wheel of your mouse while hovering your cursor over the simulation window

Simulation Window

The simulation window displays the simulation, as well as any background images or custom interface options such as onscreen buttons.

  • Click and drag on the whitespace of the simulation to pan the view
  • While hovering the cursor over the simulation window, use the middle mouse scroll to change the zoom level of the simulation

Simulation Zoom

In addition to using the middle mouse scroll to adjust the zoom, select the Zoom control at the bottom right of the Simulation Window to adjust the zoom level

Zoom Controls - Simul8 Studio

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