Embedding a Simulation

You can embed an uploaded simulation to your own site. Once you have uploaded a simulation, access the sharing preferences for the simulation you wish to share.

Access the Share Settings of the Simulation

You can share the simulation after it has been uploaded and published. Each simulation has its own sharing settings, so you can share simulations on a case-by-case basis.

  1. Access your simulations either via the Simul8 Studio homepage, or via My Simulations
  2. Select the Share icon at the bottom right of a simulation’s thumbnail

Sharing a Simulation - Simul8 Studio

This will launch the share interface for the selected simulation

Generate an Embed Code

Once in the share interface for a simulation, you now have the option to generate an embed code to display the simulation on your own website.

  1. Select the Embed Tab
  2. Click the green Embed button to generate an embed code for the simulation

Generate an Embed Code - Simul8 Studio

Using the Embed Code

After selecting the Embed button, the page will automatically refresh and present you with an embed code to use on your own website.

  1. The embed code which can be copied
  2. Use the Delete Embed button to stop access of an embedded simulation
  3. Change the size of the simulation window when embedded. Choosing an option from this dropdown will update the embed code

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