Load Image

The “Load Image” command loads an image stored on disk to the simulation image library (found in the Graphics menu). Images stored in this library can be shown on the simulation or be used as graphics of objects.


  • Image file name - Disk file containing image (if no path then path of current simulation file is used). Please use quotation marks to refer to the file.
  • Name of image - Preferred name to be used to reference image. e.g. “Image 1”. If blank will create name. (Actual name used returned if parameter is a text GDI) Please use quotation marks to refer to the file.


Please note the following when using this command:

  • Only images of the type bitmap can be used
  • Once an image has been loaded, this command can not be used for loading another image under the same name (except if deleted from the Image Library)

Example Code

Load Image    "Images\Image1.bmp" ,  "Image1"

This example will load “Image1.bmp” from the folder “images” into the library under the name “Image1”.

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