Scratch Pad

The Scratch Pad provides a useful development tool for people constructing models. There will be no need to have scraps of paper with to do lists or assumptions in various locations.

The Scratch Pad allows notes and important information to be written inside a simulation and format them accordingly. It can even be used to store instructions on how to use the simulation and specific development details on the Simul8 features employed in simulation development to make it easier for others to work with the Simulation.

There are many features available in the Scratch Pad:

1. Multiple Pages There is no need to try to add all notes into one Scratch Pad page. The Create New Page button at the top left of the toolbar can be used repeatedly to create multiple pages. This can be as simple as one page for assumptions and another page containing a to-do list or a page for each complex section of the model.

2. Font changes The Scratch Pad contains numerous different font options.

3. Images The Scratch Pad is not limited to text only. The added ability to import image files adds greater depth to Scratch Pad pages.


Right Clicking on the Page Tab provides the functionality to Rename the page, Hide the page or Delete the page.

The View All Scratch Pad Pages button at the bottom right of the Scratch Pad window displays a list of all Scratch Pad pages contained in the Simulation.

Activating the Read Only checkbox will hide the editing features and prevent accidental editing/deletion of important information.

Associated Visual Logic Commands