Routing Out By Type

Note: From Simul8 2018 Routing Out By Type has been replaced by Routing Out by Condition.

This routing method’s destination is determined by a label value, however, unlike the routing out by Label discipline, routing out By Type allows for specific conditions to be met based on multiple label values. To route a work item depending on its type:

Select By Type from the Discipline menu in the Routing Out properties window. By default, the Routing Out By Type properties will appear. If you wish to edit this information in the future, you can select Detail next to the By Type radio button.


In the By Type properties, you must choose a label for which you want to use for routing. You can create or modify labels directly from the By Type properties by selecting Labels.

The Destination column displays any other simulation objects that are linked after routing out. The Values column allows you to specify which label value travels to which simulation object.

In the image below, work items are routed by their label lbl_Route, and we use the By Type discipline to specify conditions for which route they are to take. Work items with a lbl_Route value of 1 or 3 will proceed to End 1, while values 2, 4, 5, and 6 will travel to End 2.

Use Default Route Out allows any work items that do not match the above conditions to be given a destination. In the above example, there is no condition for a lbl_Route value of 7. Selecting Use Default Route Out will then allow for a destination to be chosen in this case.

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