Simul8 Connect

Simul8 Connect is our online project collaboration tool. It is only available with a Simul8 Live Passport included with Simul8 Professional Annual Maintenance. Email to get your passport.

  • Access projects from anywhere at anytime with just a web browser
  • Manage scenarios and revisions and versions of your simulations
  • Store specification and other important documents securely
  • Revert between any saved versions easily

Access Simul8 Connect using your login details provided when you purchased Annual Maintenance, if you have lost these email for help.

Creating Projects

When you login to Connect you will see your My Project screen where all your active projects listed. Click Add to add a new project, you can have up to 3 active projects.

Click on the name of a project to manage your simulations.

Check the box next to your project name and click edit if you wish to change the name or description of your project.

Managing Your Project Files

Simul8 Connect is all about collaborating on simulation projects. Connect lets you manage two types of files: revisions, these are different versions or revisions of your simulation file and associated project files, for example a project specification document.


You start with your base simulation, each time you make changes to it this becomes a revision. Changes could be because you are still developing your simulation or more likely you have built your simulation and are now doing lots of different what if experiments to find the right solution.

In Simul8 the first time you save your simulation Simul8 internally marks your simulation as the base. Then each time you save your simulation it will record internally a revision number. When you have a revision that you wish to archive or share in Connect then you upload it from Simul8 using the File / Publish / Simul8 Connect button.

You can also upload other files along with your simulation, for example an excel file with inputs, or an exported results file. Simul8 can't manage the revision numbers for these types of files though.

Revision Tree

The revision tree gives you a pictorial representation of how your simulation has evolved.

Each revision of a file is represented by a black circle, the first black circle is your base simulation, A in the picture above. Then you make a change, save it and upload it and this becomes revision B. Then you go back to the base simulation and make a different change, save it and upload it and this becomes revision C. Because revision C has also been created from the base simulation it creates a separate branch on the tree. Revisions D and E are created from making changes to revision C so they are shown as branches off revision C.

To select a revision, click on a black circle, the circle will turn to blue to show it's selected. Details about the selected revision are displayed in the revision details screen below. You can also download the files in that revision to use again.

Associated Project Files

Often there are files that are important to your project although they are not part of the what if experimentation process themselves, for example the specification document. You can upload these files to the Project Files area. Change history isn't recorded on these files you just save the current version you wish to be used with your project there.

Sharing Projects

A key benefit of Simul8 Connect is that it lets you collaborate with others on your simulation project. Use the share tab to invite others to your project, just enter their email and press share. If they also have Simul8 Live Passport then you can give them administrative rights to your project. This means they will be able to change settings and upload files. If they don't have a Simul8 Live Passport then they will only be able to browse your project.