SIMUL8 2016 Feature List

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What's New in SIMUL8 2016

  • Power and Free / Fixed Pitch Conveyors - Power and Free conveyors allow for the inclusion of fixed-spaced hooks that can attach to work items at various points along the work item’s length.
  • Overtime - Use the Overtime feature to extend the working hours of the simulation day until all vital work in the simulation has been processed.
  • Simulation Window Tabs - Tabs can now be added directly to the simulation window, allowing for display of the simulation itself, dialogs, HTML pages, Custom Reports, and spreadsheets.
  • Financial Input Summary - This new dialog provides quick access to the financial data inputs for all objects in the simulation.
  • Conditional Queue Graphics - This addition to queue graphics will allow the queue to change color based on certain conditions for easily identifiable issues in the system.