SIMUL8 2015 Feature List

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What's New in SIMUL8 2015

  • Variable Collect - The Variable Collect feature is an enhancement to the Collect Routing In discipline to give you more control over how many work items need to be collected at an Activity.
  • Time Interval Results - Time Interval Results allow you to measure your KPIs at specific time intervals, so that you can see a snapshot of your results at any point in the simulation run.
  • Scheduled Maintenance - Scheduled Maintenance allows you to define planned maintenance events on any activity, with the maintenance period referencing SIMUL8's Calendar feature.
  • MORE Plot - The MORE Plot (Measure Of Risk and Error) is a way of displaying risk and error to further support decision making.
  • Formula Editor Updates - The Formula Editor's interface has been updated for SIMUL8 2015. Take a look at this help page to see what has changed.

Visual Logic Commands