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SIMUL8 Tour - Get Accurate Results

Results are critical to your simulation study. It is the results that will give you the insight you need to understand, the confidence to make bold decisions, and the evidence to justify your choices to others.

SIMUL8 provides extensive results in a variety of formats, and also provides total flexibility so there is no result that can be accessed. But we've put lots of thought into the design of our results so that the 'gold nuggets' don't get hidden in a mass of data.

Types of Results

Object and Group Results
You can collect and review measures of performance for all simulation objects. Results are so easy to view - even if you just hover your mouse over an object and the results are displayed. If objects are grouped, collective results can be displayed.
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Finance and Income Statements
SIMUL8 can display an interactive Profit and Loss statement for each simulation and has options to set everything that is needed to calculate the bottom line profit.
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Carbon Footprint Calculator
Ensure your processes are Green as well as optimized. You can track the carbon footprint of your process with SIMUL8. (Only available with SIMUL8 Professional)
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When results are collected

Collection Period
Specify the exact points you need results to be collected between, either at certain times or between events happening. These can be set at different intervals during your simulation.
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Warm up and non empty start
Most processes are continuous (e.g. production in a factory) so these two features allow you to start collecting results at a point when conditions in the simulation mimic those typical of your real system.
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Getting Answers

Results Manager
The SIMUL8 Results Manager is a central location giving you access to all your results. The Results Manager has 5 sections: KPI Monitor, KPI History, All Object Summary, Scenario Manager and Custom Reports. It makes it so easy to perform in depth analysis of your simulations, and rapidly build customized reports.
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A trial is a series of runs of your simulation which are performed with the all the same parameters in the simulation except for the random numbers. A trial gives you information about how variable the weeks are and how accurate you can expect your results to be.
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KPI History
Results data from every run, or every Trial, you conduct are stored in the Results Comparison table.
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Scenario Manager and Comparison
Run a large number of Trials or Runs automatically with any number of configurations of any properties or variables and compare how one scenario performed against another using customizable spider diagrams and data tables. (Only available with SIMUL8 Professional)
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OptQuest for SIMUL8 enables the user to find the best answer to the "what-if" questions in their simulations. They can quickly determine what combination of variables results in achieving their objectives. (Only available with SIMUL8 Professional or as a SIMUL8 Basic Plugin)
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Any result collected in SIMUL8 can be exported directly into Excel or Minitab automatically or write results out to a Microsoft Word or Power Point Template.
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Graphs and Charts
There are so many ways to display results using SIMUL8's graphs and charts

  • Time Graphs give a visual insight into the performance of part of a simulation.
  • Business Graphs use SIMUL8's internal spreadsheets to create graphs of any results in SIMUL8
  • (The following are only available with SIMUL8 Professional)
  • Gantt Charts provide an attention grabbing view across your whole simulation run
  • Customizable Charts allow you to define your own chart and customize their display
  • On screen Charts allow you to display graphs as part of your simulation.

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