SIMUL8 Feature List - Building Productivity

Several features have been built in to SIMUL8 to make it quick to build and manage simulations.

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The explorer makes it easy to find, inspect and update your objects in large simulations.

The SIMUL8 Explorer shows you:

  • All objects routing out from an object.
  • All objects routing into an object.
  • All Global Data Items referenced by the object.

In addition you can:

  • Sort the explorer alphabetically, by type of object, or date of creation.
  • Filter the display to only show objects of specified types.
  • Expand all nodes.
  • Collapse all nodes.

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Quick View

This is a really quick way to get at data - just click an objects and the panel updates with the objects data, change the data and the object is updated instantly.

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Arrows On/Off

The links dialog lets you control routing arrows in large or complex simulations.

It lets you show, add or remove the links into and out of any object. It also allows you to control which arrows are displayed on the main simulation window.

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Multiple Simulations

You can have any number of SIMUL8 simulations open at the same time - even running simultaneously to view compared situations.

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Track Changes

SIMUL8 can look at 2 simulations and highlight the differences between both. This allows multiple people to work on the same simulation potentially saving weeks of work.

Track Changes is only available with SIMUL8 Team.

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Apply Changes

This feature makes it really easy for multiple people to work on a simulation at the same time.

The way it works is that you all begin working from the same model. Then when you want to merge the simulations together SIMUL8 creates a Changes File for you. You apply this Changes File to another version of the model. A dialog like the picture below appears detailing all the differences and allows you to choose which changes you wish to apply to your model.

This feature is only available with SIMUL8 Team

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Multi Object Changer

This fantastic feature will save you hours when building your simulation. You can select multiple objects of the same type and change parameters to the same value in each.

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Saved Views

Views of your simulation can be saved to help you easily move your way around large simulations. This is also a fantastic feature for doing presentations with SIMUL8.

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Overview Window

This feature makes it really easy to navigate large models. You can drag the box in the Overview Window to any location and your simulation window will be automatically updated to show the new location.

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Merge Simulations

Take 2 simulations and merge them together to create a new one.

This feature is only available with SIMUL8 Team

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Its annoying when you loose your nice set of files in Recently Used File List because you've been quickly checking out a number of files. So the RUFL can be saved and restored.

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Windows Menu

Switch between SIMUL8 windows with the Windows menus.

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Object Input Summary

The Input Summary provides a summary of all the objects in your simulation. Each object type is displayed on a separate tab as the properties of the objects are quite different.

Double click on a cell and it will open the relevant dialog for the object.

This feature is only available with SIMUL8 Professional

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Add Button to Toolbar

Add a shortcuts to SIMUL8 menu options:

  • Add button to Toolbar for any menu item, for example distributions or labels.
  • A separate toolbar where these buttons will be placed will be created.
  • Added buttons will be remembered by SIMUL8 and are not specific to a model file.
  • Specify your own bitmap for the button.

Right Click on the toolbar and select Visual Logic Buttons.

Button to Open Visual Logic for edit:

  • User can add a button to the toolbar which when pressed will open a specified Visual Logic section.
  • User can specify there own bitmap for button.
  • Will only be remembered by file, that is will not appear whenever SIMUL8 is run.

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Foldable Sides


Some simulations become really large so to give you as much space on the simulation window as possible we've added folding sides.

They're available on both the left and right side of the simulation window so you can easily hide away andy of your docked windows.

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No more keeping lists of assumptions or things to do on bits of paper or external files that get separated from the simulation. Now you can store them inside your simulation in the Scratchpad. You can create as many pages as you like and all the text can be formatted.

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Quick Build Paddle

The Paddle is a feature that lets you create simulations faster. Simply use the arrows around an object to quickly link to and create new objects.

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Access Object Properties through Visual Logic

You can access and even change simulation object properties as you step through and debug your Visual Logic. This makes it easy to verify values but also lets you make dynamic changes as the simulation runs.

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Resource Visual Logic Events

Visual Logic events to give you greater control over Resource behavior:

  • On Start Work
  • On Release

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Visual Logic Import / Export Feature

Simulation building can easily be shared between different people using this feature. This makes it easy for multiple people to work on the same simulation at the same time. Local and global variables and all referenced code sections can be imported and exported.

Only available with SIMUL8 Professional

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Visual Logic Libraries

Save your code in External Libraries to re-use in other simulations or share with others.

  • Make libraries public or private so that others can execute your code but not see it. Fantastic for protecting your IPR.
  • Update simulations that use your libraries automatically.
  • Validate your code once and share it. Never have to debug the same piece of code twice. This could save you hours of validation time.

Only available with SIMUL8 Professional

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User Scheduled Events

Schedule your own events to happen when you want them:

  • Have multiple Time Checks running on different intervals and starting at different times.
  • Run one off Visual Logic events, for example an Emergency break down without using complicated Schedule Visual Logic Event commands.

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Visual Logic Code Flow Diagrams

Generate a Flow Diagram of your code execution:

  • See your business rules mapped out visually.
  • Aids understanding of your code structure.
  • Makes it easy to explain your code to non-technical users.
  • Document your simulation code easily.
  • Copy to bitmap and full print functionality.

Only available with SIMUL8 Professional

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