SIMUL8 Feature List - Miscellaneous

Most simulation packages do not include standard Windows' features such as an undo button. But because SIMUL8 was created for Windows all standard features are included.

Undo / Redo

SIMUL8 includes an undo /redo facility.

With undo the simulation reverts back to the point mentioned in the Undo menu command. Redo will return the model to a point immediately before the last UNDO you requested.

The undo / redo facility works with Visual Logic.

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Find allows you to search for any simulation object by name.

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Copy and Paste

Any simulation object or group of simulation objects, including their routing information can be copied using the standard copy and paste functions.

The duplication wizard allows multiple copies to be made simultaneously and their pasting location controlled.

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Standard printing facilities are available including print preview. It is possible to print all simulation windows including results and internal spreadsheets.

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Zoom to any degree of accuracy and quickly zoom using the mouse wheel.

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Macro Recorder

Record and play back macros. Just like in Excel all key and mouse moves are recorded. This is great for presentations and for routine tasks, for example automating runs.

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