SIMUL8 Feature List - Documentation

SIMUL8 includes several documentation features to help you keep track of changes you make and to make it easy for others to use your simulation.


Memos let you make notes about any object, distribution, variable or label.

If a memo is written in an object when the mouse is hovered over it the memo will appear in a bubble and in the status bar.

All the memos in your simulation can be exported to a text file. This can be a really good way to pass on documentation for your simulation, especially when passing your simulation to people not familiar with SIMUL8.

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File Documentation

The File Documentation feature creates a formatted file which documents the simulation. This automatically includes information about all the objects in the simulation and the settings you have selected.

This makes it easy to include in reports a full listing of the simulation showing clearly all the settings and Visual Logic used.

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Simulation Title

A title to be displayed on SIMUL8's main title bar can be assigned.

Notes about the simulation can also be added and will automatically be displayed whenever the simulation is opened.

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