SIMUL8 ASP - $7,495 (per CPU core per year)

SIMUL8 ASP delivers simulation results to your users via the internet:

  • Users provide inputs and get results via web pages
  • 1000s of users can run the simulation concurrently
  • End User only requires an internet browser

SIMUL8 is completely invisible, all the user sees is the web page you design so the user doesn't require any knowledge of SIMUL8 or simulation.

How Can SIMUL8 ASP be Used?

There are two main types of SIMUL8 ASP users:

  • General Service providers
    • Pay per scenario
    • Keeps control of simulation
  • Large companies with satellite offices
  • Order and staffing systems
  • Can be tied into any other system via SQL

For more information, check out our SIMUL8 ASP FAQs


One of our ASP customers is in the oil industry, using SIMUL8 ASP to model tanker availability. Below is a summary of how they adopt ASP.

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  • Built model of each of their oil fields
  • Each week field users go to the simulation website
  • User applies inputs such as oil flows, breakdowns, staffing and number of spares available
  • Field users click the run button
  • Simulation model runs forecast oil rates, orders new parts for anticipated breakdowns, auto schedules tanker arrival.
  • Data stored in SQL database
  • Anticipated rates and deliveries used to arrange/schedule oil distribution

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