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The world's only advanced online process simulation software

The full decision-making power of SIMUL8 is now on the web. The same extensive feature set, intuitive drag and drop interface and fast results – completely installation-free.

Included with our desktop software, SIMUL8 Online gives you the flexibility to use SIMUL8 Basic or Professional on the web.

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Another industry first from SIMUL8

Build, run and experiment with simulations on the web

The same powerful and intuitive simulation software used by organizations to experiment with and improve the efficiency of their processes, now available online.

All-in-one simulation software solution

  • The only vendor to offer the ability to build simulations online, backed by the same desktop software breadth and depth of features.

  • Get complete flexibility with SIMUL8 for desktop and online included with all versions.

Installation-free, log in and start building

  • Open a browser, log in and start building and experimenting with simulations without installation or downloads.

  • Get instant access to the latest SIMUL8 features and improvements without waiting for updates to be deployed by your IT department.

The same powerful SIMUL8 experience

  • The exact same drag and drop interface, intuitive features and speed of results across both online and desktop applications.

  • Spend less time learning software and more time getting the results that will enable you to implement effective business process changes.

Use your SIMUL8 license online

  • Test and experiment with process improvement ideas on the move – from your desk, to stakeholder and client meetings, to the factory floor.

  • Access your simulation project files from one convenient place with 5GB of secure cloud storage included as standard.

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SIMUL8 Online contains the same breadth and depth of powerful features as our desktop simulation software.

"We are proud to launch the world’s first advanced online process simulation tool, featuring the same extensive business modeling options and intuitive interface as our flagship desktop software.

SIMUL8 Online is another major step towards putting the power of simulation in the hands of anyone who needs to solve real-world problems. Whenever you need to plan or improve a business process, you can log in to SIMUL8 Online and start building and experimenting with simulations right away to find the best solutions."

Laura Reid, CEO, SIMUL8 Corporation

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SIMUL8 Online is available with our desktop software.

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SIMUL8 Online FAQs

Accessing SIMUL8 Online

How can I access SIMUL8 Online?

SIMUL8 Online is included when you purchase a SIMUL8 desktop license.

Can I purchase SIMUL8 Online separately?

At this time, SIMUL8 Online can only be accessed with purcahses of SIMUL8 for desktop. We always welcome your input, so please contact our team if this is something you would be interested in.

Do I need to download or install any software to use SIMUL8 Online?

No, SIMUL8 Online is download and installation-free. You will only need an HTML5 compatible web browser and internet connection to start building simulations with the full functionality and power of SIMUL8. You’ll also receive access to the latest SIMUL8 feature updates without installation.

What web browsers does SIMUL8 Online support?

SIMUL8 Online supports most modern HTML5 compatible web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari.

Can I use my desktop version and SIMUL8 Online simultaneously?

As SIMUL8 Online is linked to a SIMUL8 desktop software license number, you can only use one version at any time.

Building and running simulations

Can I run multiple simulations?

Yes, you can run multiple simulations by opening SIMUL8 Online in a new browser window or tab.

Can I work on my simulations offline with SIMUL8 Online, similar to Google Apps?

It is not currently possible to work on simulations offline. In situations where you need to work offline, we recommend using SIMUL8 for desktop.

Are there any feature differences between SIMUL8 Online and SIMUL8 for desktop?

SIMUL8 Online offers the same power, speed and breadth and depth of features set as SIMUL8 for desktop. As an online tool, some features that require connections to external programs, such as OptQuest, are not currently supported.

Can I import my data via Microsoft Excel spreadsheets?

Yes, you can upload Microsoft Excel or CSV spreadsheets to power your simulations in SIMUL8 Online.

Saving and accessing simulations

Do I have to manually save my simulations?

SIMUL8 Online can automatically save any changes to your simulations in the background. You can also choose to save simulations manually if you prefer.

What happens if I lose my internet connection?

SIMUL8 Online regularly saves to a secure cloud web service. In the event that your internet connection is lost, any changes you make to your simulation will have been saved and will be present the next time that you log in and open that simulation.

Can I upload an existing simulation?

Yes, you can upload an existing .S8 file created on any desktop edition of SIMUL8 to SIMUL8 Online and continue editing the simulation.

Can I download my simulations?

Yes, you can download a .S8 file of any simulations created or edited in SIMUL8 Online to use in SIMUL8 for desktop.

Can I share my simulations with colleagues using SIMUL8 Online?

Sharing capabilities are not currently included in SIMUL8 Online. Our development team are currently working on these features as part of our development roadmap.

Can I sync my simulations between SIMUL8 Online and SIMUL8 for desktop?

It is not currently possible to sync simulation files although you can download and upload simulation files manually between desktop and SIMUL8 Online versions. We welcome your feedback if this is a feature you would like to see included in SIMUL8 Online and desktop.


Will SIMUL8 Online work on a Mac?

Yes, SIMUL8 Online can run on a Mac. One of the many benefits of SIMUL8 Online is that it can run in most web browsers, regardless of hardware or platform.

Can I use SIMUL8 Online on a mobile device or tablet?

Yes, it is possible to run SIMUL8 Online on a mobile device or tablet. For the best experience we recommend using a device with keyboard and mouse support.

What release is SIMUL8 Online based on?

SIMUL8 Online has the same powerful features and functionality of SIMUL8 Basic or Professional 2019. SIMUL8 Online will always offer the most up-to-date release of SIMUL8, including quarterly Service Pack features and updates.

Will SIMUL8 for desktop still be available?

Yes, SIMUL8 for desktop will continue to be available. SIMUL8 Online is designed to complement our desktop offering, providing our users the ability to work on their simulations on the move or on a device where the desktop application isn’t installed.

Security and data

What security measures are in place?

SIMUL8 Online is powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Cloud security at AWS is of the highest priority and their data center and network architecture is built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations. If you have questions about security and data, please contact our team for more information.

I have another question

Contact our team who will be happy to answer any other questions about SIMUL8 Online.

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