How is simulation driving manufacturing innovation?

Simulation empowers manufacturers to design more efficient plants, optimize resources and increase throughput.

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Plan and test new processes and technology, before any investment

The increasing speed of change in manufacturing is reaching unprecedented levels, with Industry 4.0 ushering in a new industrial era of integrated, efficient production.

Faced with new technological, economic and competitive challenges, more and more companies are turning to simulation to help them make evidence-based, confident decisions around their future capabilities.

Simulation software is enabling manufacturers to test and evaluate the real value of new production techniques and technologies, ahead of any investment or implementation.

SIMUL8 is the simulation software of choice for manufacturers around the globe. It combines a powerful feature set, intuitive interface and the fastest results engine available in one solution.

Whether you're just starting out with using simulation as a decision making tool, or already have a team of experienced simulation practitioners, you'll achieve fast, accurate results with SIMUL8.

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Meeting a 400% increase in demand

Simulation helped FUJIFILM evaluate the ROI of large-scale process changes and equipment to meet an expected rise in customer demand.

"SIMUL8 gave us the ability to evaluate a wide berth of process improvement options, all with large financial or engineering implications, without spending significant money or time to investigate."

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What could simulation help you achieve?

Measure ROI

Measure return, before investment

Whether you’re planning new facilities, reconfiguring plants, buying equipment or hiring staff - you need to know they'll provide a return on investment.

With simulation, you can prove ROI and identify cost-effective solutions, before implementation.

Plan efficient layouts

Plan efficient plant layouts

Overproduction wastes resources and budget, while not meeting demand will impact your revenue and market share.

Using simulation, you can identify and test production concepts to reduce costs and maintain consistent throughput.

Minimize downtime

Minimize the impact of downtime

Unplanned downtime costs manufacturers $50 billion annually, with equipment failure the cause of 42% of downtime.

Simulation highlights the effects of downtime throughout the manufacturing process, so you can test ways to limit its impact.

Effectively use resources

Make effective use of resources

Identify optimum staffing levels, placement and shift patterns to maxmize utilization using simulation.

Simulate shared tasks between operators and machinery to design stations that won’t pace the line, or become a bottleneck.

The world's top manufacturers make better decisions using SIMUL8

Simulation is complementary to many of the business and engineering techniques many manufacturers already use:

  • Line balancing
  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Value stream mapping
  • Supply chain planning
  • Business process management (BPM)
  • Product lifecycle management (PLM)

Combined with fast, intuitive simulation software from SIMUL8, you'll be able to rapidly experiment with ideas and concepts to get the answers needed to make stronger decisions.

Using the power of simulation, you’ll shorten time to project completion, strengthen stakeholder buy-in, and guarantee the impact of changes before investment.

See SIMUL8 in action

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