Improve processes, increase efficiency and reduce costs with SIMUL8

SIMUL8 is powerful, intuitive simulation software that anyone can use to visualize and experiment with processes and make stronger, confident decisions.

Shorten time to project completion, build stakeholder buy-in, and see the impact of business changes before investment.

The simulation software of choice

For over 20 years, SIMUL8 has been used by the world's leading organizations to improve processes, increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Simulation offers a powerful, evidence-based approach to decision-making. By using a virtual representation to test changes to processes in a risk-free environment, you'll be able to quickly find a solution that delivers the best performance for your business.


A combination of powerful features, ease of use and the fastest simulation engine available has made SIMUL8 the top choice for both new users and experts across a wide range of industries.

At SIMUL8 Corporation, we pride ourselves on producing dynamic, innovative simulation software that transforms the way people make and communicate decisions.

Why use SIMUL8 over other simulation software?

Measure ROI


The fastest simulation software available on the market.

SIMUL8 enables you to spend less time building simulations and more time experimenting with changes to get answers to make confident decisions.

Plan efficient layouts


Model processes of any scale and complexity.

Get complete control with reusable libraries, read and write from databases, and drive SIMUL8 from a range of interfaces like Microsoft Excel, VB, and C++.

Minimize downtime

Ease of use

An intuitive drag and drop interface.

Create simulations like drawing a flowchart - add timings and rules around the tasks and resources in your system, and the simulation will mimic your process.

Effectively use resources


Delivers more value than other simulation tools.

With a range of software options, there's a SIMUL8 solution for your needs. Many SIMUL8 users have seen return of investment in millions of dollars.

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What business challenges can SIMUL8 help you solve?

From strategic to operational, simple to complex, SIMUL8 software has helped organizations to overcome a wide range of business challenges:

  • Identify bottlenecks, improve reliability and remove waste
  • Optimize processes, save time and increase revenue
  • Evaluate the return of new technology or staff, before investment
  • Assess the impact of variability or uncertainty
  • Make confident, long-term decisions in a risk-free environment
  • Build stakeholder engagement for ideas and concepts

Looking for examples of simulation success?

From helping manufacturers save millions in costs by optimizing facilities, to saving lives in healthcare through improving complex processes - take a look at our case studies to see what SIMUL8 users have achieved with help from simulation.

SIMUL8 case studies

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