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Johns Hopkins uses Simulation to Manage Emergency Department Throughput Webinar

Learn how Johns Hopkins Health System coped with an increase in patient demand, limited resources and limited capacity. Find out how using SIMUL8 aided decision making and helped manage ED throughput to cope with increasing demand.

Using simulation to cope with increasing patient demand

Using SIMUL8, Johns Hopkins Health System were able to increase ED performance levels and reach a high quality of care for patients. With continuous restrictions on spend within healthcare it was important for JHHS to get the highest performance from scarce resources.

With an ongoing commitment to process excellence, JHHS has a long history of using simulation to support Emergency Department process improvement initiatives. Topics in the webinar range from how the internal process improvement team can work best with the simulation modeling team to the kinds of questions that are best answered with simulation and specific process improvement recommendations.

Eric Hamrock, Senior Project Administrator for Operations Integration at Johns Hopkins Health System (JHHS), and Kerrie Paige from SIMUL8 Partner Novasim present some of the lessons learned through more than a decade of simulation projects at three JHHS Emergency Departments.

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