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Managing Bed Capacity Towards a Solution Using Simulation Webinar

Watch the webinar recording and learn about SIMUL8's bed management prediction tool, Bed.P.A.C.

Find out how you can test current bed allocation and see how it will perform against expected patient demand and alleviate pressure on the system.

Long-term bed capacity planning using simulation

Inpatient stays are one of the most expensive areas of healthcare and managing bed capacity is a daily challenge for hospital administrators.

SIMUL8 Executive Director, Health and Social Care, Claire Cordeaux introduces SIMUL8's bed management solution Bed.P.A.C. Find out how better bed management can save approximately $1.8 million per quarter per hospital and improve patients outcomes.

Managing hospital bed capacity is crucial to the smooth running of a hospital, since all departments are in some way dependent on bed availability. Watch the webinar recording and find out how Bed.P.A.C. can aid the decision making process.

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