Improving Health Outcomes of Your Population Using Simulation


Download the ebook to learn how simulation can be used to improve key population health issues such as stroke care, dementia planning and pre-natal care to enable healthcare networks to deliver on the Triple Aim of quality of care, cost and better health for populations.

How can simulation software help improve population health?

Simulating a whole population health model allows you to understand the complexity of the system, examine the flow of patients from an attributed population into services and measure activity, resource utilization and cost across organizational boundaries.

From a patient’s first contact with a primary care physician, through the hospital and on to community services, discrete event simulation allows you to understand their flow through the whole system.

Test a change in any part of the system, see the outcome, and use the evidence to support strategic decision making and the planning, financing and design of new models of care.

With healthcare simulation software, you can finally get a handle on how value-based payment programs, evolving patient insurance status, aging demographics, and clinical interventions will come together for your organization.

SIMUL8's population health forecasting model allows you to associate age-banded populations with disease prevalence and use of healthcare services. It predicts likely demand into the system year on year, and therefore the impact on costs, activity, resource and outcome as the demand flows through the system.

Download the 'Improving Health Outcomes of Your Population using Simulation' whitepaper to find out more about the benefits of simulation and real-life examples of how it has been used to tackle key population health issues such as stroke care, dementia planning and pre-natal care.

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