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Improving Emergency Care Systems with Simulation Ebook

Many recommendations have been made about how to improve emergency department flow, length of stay, readmissions and quality – but how do you assess approaches that will work for your circumstances?

Download the ebook to learn how simulation can help strategic emergency care planning.

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How can simulation software help improve emergency care systems?

Emergency care, by its very nature, has a massive variation in range of patients, and the severity of conditions. Patients first come into contact with the emergency healthcare system through a range of routes.

Problems in the ED are often a symptom of the pressures on the overall system, where a peak in demand or a lack of capacity in one service may cause a knock on impact elsewhere. By taking a whole system view to the issue rather than simply trying to optimize a single department, solutions will be more effectively implemented.

The reality is that teams in the healthcare system need to know what will make the greatest impact now, and plan for improvement over the future months and years.

So how can they assess the entire system and all of the possible suggestions with so much urgency and pressure?

SIMUL8’s dedicated healthcare team has reviewed news articles and academic evidence to provide a brief high-level overview of the competing and complementary theories on how to improve the whole emergency care system .

Download the 'Improving Emergency Care Systems with Simulation' whitepaper to read our recommendations on how an improvement team in a healthcare system can use simulation to assess which solutions, or combination of solutions, will make the most impact based on their local situation.

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