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Top 10 Impacts of Simulation in Healthcare Ebook

Bringing together the experience of SIMUL8 clients and our consultant team, this ebook outlines 10 common healthcare problems that can be solved using simulation.

If you're new to simulation or want to communicate its benefits to colleagues, this guide explains how simulation works and demonstrates its value through case studies and example simulations.

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Using simulation for quality improvement in healthcare

Healthcare organizations and systems are complex with a wide range of variables that impact performance and patient care.

Variation across demand, forecasting, wait times, resource constraints and utilization, as well as financial limitations, make planning and implementing process improvements challenging for healthcare providers.

This is why healthcare providers use simulation - computer-based models that produce a visual and dynamic picture of the impact of decisions.

Almost anything can be simulated - from the flow of patients through an E.R., to the staff schedule for an inpatient unit or call center, or the day-to-day operations of the central sterile department.

By simulating healthcare processes, you can understand complex cause and effect relationships, test changes to processes in a safe, risk-free environment, and use the results to make strong, evidence-based decisions.

About the guide

SIMUL8's dedicated healthcare team have developed a wealth of performance improvement experience by working with our clients around the globe for over 20 years.

We’ve created this guide for healthcare professionals to consolidate and share our expertise in applying simulation to solve healthcare problems. It summarizes the most effective uses of simulation, and includes tips on how to approach and manage simulation projects.

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