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Cheshire Constabulary uses Simulation to Implement Strategic Call Center Changes

Cheshire Constabulary used SIMUL8 to provide analytical evidence and confidence to drive the implementation of a major strategic change in several call center areas, including call handling priorities.

About the project

Cheshire Constabulary was implementing major strategic change and chose SIMUL8 to provide the analytical confidence to drive this change. Cheshire's response to the Local Policing Agenda has used SIMUL8 to assess response priorities, determine resource requirements for their Targeted Patrol Teams and release officers for their Neighborhood Policing Units. SIMUL8 has helped demonstrate, in a risk free environment, the effect of implementing this change and provided the confidence to implement the proposals.

Assessing strategies for call handling priorities

Several forces, have used SIMUL8 to model changes to call grading policy and assess how this will impact demand. SIMUL8 provides the ability to predict bottlenecks in the process, by category of call and assess the impact on service levels.

Determining the impact on Crime Recording Bureau

A change in the role or procedures of the Call Management Bureau, or Targeted Patrol Teams for example, could have an impact on staffing requirements and performance levels in Central Crime Recording. SIMUL8 allows the impact of change in one area, or department of the Force, to be assessed in another.

Model custody suite management proposals

SIMUL8 provides the ability to assess the impact of proposed changes on Custody Suite capacity and staffing requirements. Peaks and troughs in availability can be assessed and this information used to inform planned operations of forecast excess capacity, and help influence operational policy.

"Using data from the existing force systems, SIMUL8 enables our Force to predict the benefits of demand management decisions. It has been a key tool in designing our operational policing model."

Superintendent Mick Garrihy, Force Review Team, Cheshire Constabulary

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