FMC Technologies Increases Output by 50% using SIMUL8

FMC Technologies has been successfully using SIMUL8 for over two years and is expanding manufacturing operations to meet a surge in market demand. To meet the increased demand the FMC Technologies team developed a range of simulations to increase output across their product range, understand bottlenecks and forecast future productions.

FMC Technologies

Key Facts

  • FMC Technologies increased throughput by up to 50%

  • Increased output of Christmas trees by over 100%, with no additional spend

  • Saved millions of dollars by ensuring on-time delivery of products to clients

  • Increased monthly capacity of SCMs by 50% with no capital expenditure

"If we hadn't used SIMUL8 and were unable to measure capacity; that would mean not being able to deliver on time and therefore be an erosion of profit."

Ricardo Fernandes, GPS Lead and Planning Specialist

The Challenge

FMC Technologies has over 20,000 employees and operates 28 production facilities in 17 countries. The organization designs and manufactures products, and provides services for the oil and gas sector that include:

  • subsea systems
  • fluid control
  • measurement solutions
  • material handling systems

Increased demand

A sharp rise in market demand in the past year has shifted FMC Technologies' operations from producing small quantities of equipment to delivering larger quantities. The growing pressure on production meant that they needed to understand what would eliminate bottlenecks and maximize capacity.

"SIMUL8 gave us a technical way of understanding capacity, identifying bottlenecks and changing data to achieve new capacities, new goals and new logics. We never had this ability before."

Ricardo Fernandes, GPS Lead and Planning Specialist

The Result

SIMUL8 has enabled FMC Technologies to increase throughput across the organization by an average of 15-20%, reaching as high as 50% in the case of the SCM Assembly, the main component and control center of the Christmas trees. By using SIMUL8 the FMC Technologies team have transformed manufacturing processes across the organization and have been able to understand capacity and effective line balancing of their multiple product lines.

What's next for FMC Technologies?

FMC Technologies continue to use SIMUL8 as an integral operational planning tool and have some large simulation projects in the pipeline, including one around goods inspection and another in warehouse receiving.

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