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SIMUL8 has helped firms across the globe improve their business processes using simulation. From back offices, to shared services, to lean simulation helps easily identify and eliminate inefficiencies.

Get it right first time by finding the ideal solution with simulation

Find and resolve process bottlenecks

Make your business agile with continuous improvement

Try changing your process and see the changes that make it work better for less

Reduce cost and eliminate waste

Optimize SLAs by testing expected performance

Collaborate with co-workers and get buy-in on decisions from the start

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Key SIMUL8 Features for Business Simulation

Bring Visio flow charts to life

SIMUL8 allows you to import directly from Microsoft Visio and other BPM applications. Bring your process to life to visualize bottlenecks, test new ideas, and improve performance.

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SIMUL8 and BPMN are an obvious match. Build your simulations in SIMUL8 using our integrated BPMN library. Or import your existing BPMN diagrams into SIMUL8 and get the added benefit of simulation analysis instantly.

BPMN Simulation

Business Process Improvement Simulation Case Studies

Organizations across the globe have had success improving their business processes using SIMUL8.

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