Ignite your Lean Process Improvement using SIMUL8 process simulation software

Ignite your Lean Process Improvement using SIMUL8 process simulation software

Catalyst Consulting Limited (Catalyst), Europe's leading provider of Lean Six Sigma solutions, is pleased to announce its partnership with SIMUL8 Corporation, a leading player in the simulation business.

October, 26, 2012: SIMUL8 is a powerful, flexible simulation software that anyone can use to visualize, evaluate and improve any process. Process simulation software is a natural complement to Lean Six Sigma and will extend the tools and support Catalyst can offer to their customers.

Lean Process Simulation

This new and unique course teaches you how to use and apply SIMUL8 software in a DMAIC framework to visualise Lean ideas in your processes. This course is suitable for Green Belts, Black Belts and process managers who recognise the potential of simulation and want it to enhance their existing improvement approach. You will see your Value Stream Maps come to life as you tackle realistic process problems and evaluate solution alternatives.

Commenting on the announcement, Moore Allison, Senior Partner, Catalyst Consulting Limited said: "I've found that tools like SIMUL8 can really help teams engage more deeply with process improvement activities. I think that's partly because it's so visual compared to a process map, but also because when people come up with ideas you can simulate them more or less on the spot. Then when you want to get buy-in to make the changes, it's a fantastic way to communicate your proposals to management and youve taken away a lot of the risk".

Frances Sneddon, SIMUL8's Chief Technology Officer said: "We see simulation as a natural fit with Lean and we're excited to be working with Catalyst to bring this course to the process improvement community."