SIMUL8 Videos

Step through SIMUL8's features for an up-close look at simulation and SIMUL8's capabilities

Getting Started Series

A series of videos created to get you up and running with SIMUL8. Watch the videos to get a better understanding of how to start making better decisions in your organization.

Create Your First Simulation

Take a look at SIMUL8 and discover how to get started building your first simulation.

Expanding your Simulation

Learn how to add the data and control rules that drive your process and determine the flow of work.

Results and Analysis

See how fast it is to access a whole range of results in SIMUL8 that can provide you with valuable insight for change within your organization.

Industry Examples

Watch our industry examples to get a better understanding of how you would apply simulation in your organization. SIMUL8 is designed to give you access to a wealth of features for the most complex of models.

Assembly Line Example

In this example we examine if the current production line is able to cope with an increased production schedule.

Healthcare Case Study

In this example we look at how an ED department in a hospital can improve patient flow and minimize wait times.

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