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Why Teach with SIMUL8?

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Teaching simulation with SIMUL8 is easy

After a 1 hour lecture to introduce simulation, students can build and run their first simulation. An onscreen tutorial guides students through the process.

Why choose SIMUL8 for your classroom?

  • Install full commercial SIMUL8 on any PC on campus, no limit, if it's for teaching.
  • Free Student Licenses for work off campus
  • Free copy of SIMUL8 Professional for you the Tutor
  • Free support for registered tutor
  • Free Student Workbook, see an evaluation version here.
  • Free Upgrades forever. Get your upgrade now
  • OptQquest and Stat::Fit site license versions available. Find out more.

Find out more:

"SIMUL8 is a powerful tool which allows you to focus on teaching simulation without being too distracted by software idiosyncrasies. In particular, its graphical interface is quite intuitive and its animation capabilities are very useful to develop intuition. As such, it enables hands-on assignments with a high learning to time ratio."
Jérémie Gallien, MIT Sloan School of Management

"When selecting a practical and versatile tool for our students, who have a diverse formative background and attend a variety of different courses, SIMUL8 was the natural choice for our business school.

SIMUL8 is ideal as it is easy to learn and allows them to develop their critical thinking about business processes without steep learning curves on the tool, retaining the ability to create complex models in a short time in class. It enriches their competence as future managers without the need to get too technical, learning to ask the right questions, verifying the rigor of simulation models and appreciating their importance in a modern business environment.

At the same time it increases their employability as they become equipped with the knowledge of a software tool that is used by leading companies in France and the wider world."
Andrea Borsoi, IESEG School of Management